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B2B Lead Generation

New qualified prospects for your business every day

B2B Lead Generation


Cold Calling 

Appointment Scheduling

  • Locate prospective customers from a cold database. 

  • Dedicated agents set up appointments for your sales reps to do the pitch and close the deal.

  • Trained staff ready to handle multiple different situations with customers such as objections, rejections, and negative comments or feedback.

  • Professional, patient and open minded.

B2B Sales Development

  • Telester recruits, hires, trains and retains dedicated sales development teams for your business.

  • Superior return on investment compared to any sales development approach, usually less than 1/3 of the costs of building your own equivalent teams.

  • ​Outsource your problems and expand your reach to new customers in ways that have proven to deliver consistent results.



Lead Generation and Qualification

  • Go to market quickly, penetrate new markets and create predictable pipeline. 

  • Dedicated agents will fill your sales team’s calendars with consistent leads flow of qualified potential customers.

  • Follow-up properly with every qualified lead and offer immediate response to questions throughout the handover process. 

  • We are LinkedIn Experts! LinkedIn yields the top visitor-to-lead conversion ratio vs other social networks, nearly 3 times better than both Facebook and Twitter.

You may have a great product, solution or service that can benefit many companies out there, but how can you find them? When B2B digital marketing is ridiculously overpriced and not necessarily shows return on investment, Telestar can offer you a cost effective method to get more customers.


Get More Opportunities

pay less money


Opportunity Creation

Investing in Outbound is the fastest, most direct path to market. Qualified meetings are the goal of deploying. Handing off those meetings to sales team members then allows them to focus solely on calibration, negotiations, and closing sales.

Doing the Hard Work

Unlike other parts of the sales process, the monotonous work of finding and reaching out to new leads (and dealing with constant rejection) are the least enjoyable parts of the sales cycle for most salespeople. We live to prospect.

Winning formula

We aim to build a consist approach which will turn into a repeatable formula with our trained specialists. This correlates to full pipelines and quotas actually attained.

Illustrated Waves and Particles



Step 1. Onboarding

First step of building your customized team is getting to know your business. An onboarding manager will be assigned to collect all the relevant information needed to start recruiting, training and launching. At this stage we also get to know which systems, programs and software will be used and build a roadmap for success. In case you have, any training materials will be useful and help shorten the learning curve.  


Step 2. Recruitment, selection and placement

After onboarding, the next step is sourcing. Once the onboarding manager understands in detail what you require, our recruiting and HR team starts sourcing and interviewing candidates to create the ultimate team for your business needs.


Step 3. Training
Once sourcing has been completed, our training team will take over and train the team members that we have chosen for you. Our training team will be able to generate and document the training materials in case you do not own any. You will have full control over the content to meet whichever requirements/regulations your business must follow. 


Step 4. Production
Once the training is completed, the dedicated team members will be allocated to you. They will be fully committed to you and your needs. You may choose to work with them directly or delegate the work through a success manager which will be assigned to your account to ensure they are supervised and perform their tasks correctly. 



Step 5. Continuous Improvement and Growth

After production is set in motion, the assigned success manager will ensure that the work is improved and optimized. The best results are achieved when setting clear KPIs and goals upon starting, and updating them quarterly based on performance. Once you start seeing improvements and see your business growing, we’ll be ready to scale up your team size and get your production to the maximum!

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