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Call Center Headset

B2C Sales

Sales & Retention • Inbound and Outbound


Lead Qualification

  • Attract and convert total strangers (cold-calling) as prospects of buying your products or services

  • Qualify leads that indicated interests related to your offer.

  • Cost-effective way to generate high quality customers from targeted markets.

Customer Retention

  • Dedicated agents maintain a personal relationship with your customers

  • Encourage additional direct purchases and upsell  

  • Referral of new customers through word of mouth.

  • Hold on to your long trusted customers

  • Maximize your existing database


  • Dedicated agents contact prospective customers to promote any offer via multi channels.

  • Make appointments for field sales representatives to close the deals.

  • Maximize sales through personal human interaction and set the path for a long term relationship with your customers.

Inbound Inquiries and Order Taking

  • Trained staff ready to handle all customer inquiries and order taking

  • Professional and appropriate

  • Providing precise information about the required product or service.

  • Sale orientation, upsell at any chance

  • Unique customer experience


  • Dedicated agents remind your customers of their dues and offer an agreeable timeline to settle their debts.

  • Strong sale orientation, reminding your customer the value and benefits of the purchased product.

  • Recovered customer that  generate new sales over time.

Call Center Employee

We help you increase  conversion and meet your 

ROI target

Our B2C sales representative are trained to converse. They will get to know your client, connect on a personal level and convince without overwhelming or causing disgust. This is a big challenge in today’s world. It’s not easy to get clients to answer, let alone to buy something over the phone.

Trust is key. If you get the job done right, that personal touch makes all the difference.


To generate sales, we’ll contact prospective customers and promote your offers. We can close deals immediately over the phone, instructing the customer to complete the payment process. Alternatively, we can make appointments for field sales representatives to close the deals. These types of sales are claimed to build repeat business through good customer relationships.


Illustrated Waves and Particles



Step 1. Onboarding

First step of building your customized team is getting to know your business. An onboarding manager will be assigned to collect all the relevant information needed to start recruiting, training and launching. At this stage we also get to know which systems, programs and software will be used and build a roadmap for success. In case you have, any training materials will be useful and help shorten the learning curve.  


Step 2. Recruitment, selection and placement

After onboarding, the next step is sourcing. Once the onboarding manager understands in detail what you require, our recruiting and HR team starts sourcing and interviewing candidates to create the ultimate team for your business needs.

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Mailing Address


207 Đường 05, Lake View City, P, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000


Step 3. Training
Once sourcing has been completed, our training team will take over and train the team members that we have chosen for you. Our training team will be able to generate and document the training materials in case you do not own any. You will have full control over the content to meet whichever requirements/regulations your business must follow. 


Step 4. Production
Once the training is completed, the dedicated team members will be allocated to you. They will be fully committed to you and your needs. You may choose to work with them directly or delegate the work through a success manager which will be assigned to your account to ensure they are supervised and perform their tasks correctly. 



Step 5. Continuous Improvement and Growth

After production is set in motion, the assigned success manager will ensure that the work is improved and optimized. The best results are achieved when setting clear KPIs and goals upon starting, and updating them quarterly based on performance. Once you start seeing improvements and see your business growing, we’ll be ready to scale up your team size and get your production to the maximum!


What We Do

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