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Vietnam Sourcing

Trust, Simple Communication and Deliverability

Vietnam Sourcing

Telestar functions as a complete-service, general sourcing company. We work with clients of all sizes, with transparent pricing set in advance for your maximum comfort and ease of doing business.


What we do is simple. We help you in locating, choosing and negotiating products procurement or manufacturing.

Our fixed rates or commission based pricing allows you to have full flexibility of choice, whether you want us to handle everything for you (plan, find, make, and ship your product from Vietnam) or simply get quotes and introductions directly from factories.

Telestar provides services that get the product you want from the supplier delivered to the destination of your choice.


We’ll be working with you to get all the specifics and determine a set of criteria, which we use to evaluate suppliers. These suppliers will be checked in full to make sure they are qualified to make your product based on your chosen criteria and standards. We deliver a detailed report, that includes the quotes, factory history, qualification, product details and much more.

Vietnam's COVID-19 Status

(May 2022)

Vietnam has recently lifted many of the restrictions concerning covid-19 and the country is now open to accept visitors from different destinations.

Although it is open for travel, to have a successful experience in Vietnam we recommend working with a trustworthy partner with ‘boots on the ground’ to handle the process of products procurement or manufacturing with high levels of quality assurance.

Telestar is not a trading company. We connect you with vendors in Vietnam in total transparency. We take care of the follow-up of the orders on your behalf and provide full disclosure of our activities, resources and the vendors or factories we work with. We qualify the factories’ capabilities and audit them for social and environmental compliance.

From suppliers’ factories’ audit & selection to final products, our mission is to ensure the highest quality & satisfaction for you as our customer.

It is also our duty to follow and accompany our local suppliers, supporting them to meet your requirements, change local practices and thus help our suppliers reach the highest international standards.


Telestar forbids our employees from selling on online platforms. We also make sure that the suppliers sign contracts so that they cannot sell your products on any online platform.

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Reduced Costs

Negotiating the best prices and solutions with suppliers while offering competitive pricing compared with other sourcing companies in Vietnam.

Production Support and monitoring

Supporting our suppliers and follow every step of the production process with a team directly in the factories and production areas

Quality Control

Ensuring quality control process from origin to the final consumers

Why Vietnam? 

Vietnam’s growth has accelerated in recent years in part due to the US-China trade war, which kicked off in 2018. As part of the fallout, Vietnam’s exports to the US rose by 28.8 percent year on year in the first quarter of 2019, making the US the largest importer of Vietnamese goods.

Vietnam has been enjoying strong growth since the 1990s despite crisis and uncertainties in the global market. Its government has also worked to improve business policies. Vietnam continues to prioritize infrastructure investment and does not shy away from looking at countries outside ASEAN to fuel its growth.

These reasons have made Vietnam one of the fastest growing economies in Asia maintaining a 7 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019. In addition, Vietnam’s labor force is a competitive advantage and is an important part of Vietnam’s future economic growth. Vietnam is known for its young, hardworking, literate and easy to train workforce.

All these factors make Vietnam an attractive destination for business, however challenges remain such as bureaucracy, language barriers, supply chain constraints, grey areas in regulations and infrastructure.



Step 1. Planning

  • Validation Survey: see if your product can be made in Vietnam and if it's to your standards and price.

  • Request for Quote: solicit select suppliers to submit price quotes

  • Product Spec sheet: detailed and translated to Vietnamese, ready for local manufacturers

Step 2. Choosing

  • Exploration: detailed review of different qualified factories that includes the quotes, factory history, qualification, product details etc.

  • Sample Examination and Order Execution: review different samples, decide on the best and complete the order from the manufacturer/supplier.

Step 3. Producing

  • Factory Inspection: our representatives will visit the factory, meet the management and inspect all relevant equipment.

  • Production Supervision: monitor the production on your behalf and are ready to promptly attend any arising issues.

  • Quality Control: frequent testing of product and review of storage conditions. Lab testing and certification can be provided upon demand.

Step 4. Shipping

  • Shipping: working with freight forwarding companies to ship your product to a final destination of your choice.

  • Inbound Quality Inspection: we can have your product tested and certified upon demand.


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