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Producing your product in Vietnam

When it comes to sourcing your product, Telestar is your 'go-to' partner in Vietnam. See below detailed explanation of our provided services

Manufacturing supervision

Once production begins there are almost always issues that arise, but don’t worry–this is to be expected and we are prepared. We supervise and monitor the production on your behalf and are ready to address the most common issue and we will keep you in the loop.

Product Spec Sheet

We will create a product spec sheet for your product and make sure that it is thorough enough to detail everything that it needs while being able to be read and understood by Chinese or Vietnamese manufacturers.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

The first thing you send to a potential supplier is the Request for Quote, and it’s essential that you have one that gets their attention while also conveying the essential details of your product. Telestar will work with you to create a solid RFQ.

Factory Inspections and Audits

Telestar will send someone to visit the factory and meet with the management, double check the authenticity of the factory and inspect all equipment to make sure that it can be used. While visiting the factory we will complete a full and detailed factory audit and deliver a report to you. Note: For simple visual inspections we will send our own representative, but for more complex inspection we will work with a third party.

Shipping Quotes, Supervision, and Guidance

When your product is ready, we work with a freight forwarder to ship your product to a final destination of your choice. These destinations include FBA prep centers, Amazon fulfillment centers or any other destination you choose. We can also do more complex shipping options such as sending shipments by air and sea simultaneously. We will provide a list of quotes from several freight forwarders and can advise and make recommendations to get your product where you need it and on time.

Sample Consolidation & Evaluation

Telestar will work with you and your chosen factory to get samples shipped to you. Once you receive the samples we will work with you to evaluate the sample and make sure they meet your requirements. We then handle communication with the supplier to find ways to fix any flaws discovered.

Lab Testing and Certification

In order to import a product into the United States or elsewhere, you may need to have your product test and certified. We work with 3rd party labs who can cover a variety of testing a certification including Furniture, Toys, Jewelry, Food contact, Candle, Juvenile Products, Packaging/transit tests covering REACH, CPSC, Environmental Sustainability and much more. We will let you know what test your product needs and how to obtain them, using our extensive partner network.

Validation Survey

The validation survey will assess whether your product can be made in Vietnam and if it's to your standards and price. It will show the total landed cost of the product. The landed cost is the cost to manufacture the product, plus start-up costs for manufacturing, shipping cost, plus any customs or duty taxes. This report will also provide a detailed timeline, broken down for each step, and details of manufacturing needed to complete the product. We will inform you of any potential issues we find, such as manufacturing challenges, custom or regulatory issues.

Sourcing Report

Our sourcing reports include as many qualified factories possible and all the relevant details you need to make a decision. This service begins with a conversation to discuss what you feel is most important for a supplier. We use this information to create a custom-built rating system. We then use a wide range of resources to create a large list, often over 100 factories, of potential suppliers, eliminating them until reach up to six final suppliers. We deliver a detailed report that includes the quotes, factory history, qualification, product details and much more.


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