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Telestar: a Leading Outsourcing Service Provider

Telestar is a leading and rapidly developing outsourcing service provider in Vietnam, offering high-end solutions to help clients excel in the competitive business world.


Streamlined Business Operations

Working collaboratively, Telestar assists clients in streamlining business operations through innovative services that drive profits and empower skills.


Global Compliance and Customization

Telestar ensures global regulatory compliance and tailors workforce arrangements to meet specific client needs, maintaining high standards without compromise.


Contact Center Management Expertise

With vast experience in contact center management, Telestar provides professional and specialized services, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Introduction to TeleStar

TeleStar is a leading and rapidly developing outsourcing service provider in Vietnam, established in 2019. Outsourcing with Telestar allows organizations to save time, money, and resources, while also increasing customer satisfaction and enabling companies to focus on their core businesses and strategies. The company offers high-end services and extensive outsourcing solutions, helping clients achieve their goals and stand out in a competitive business world.

Intro to TeleStar
Collaboration and Customization

Collaboration and Customization

Telestar believes in collaborating closely with clients to streamline business operations by providing services that generate profits through data innovation and skill empowerment. The company understands each customer's unique business requirements and delivers workforce arrangements that are easy to implement, practical, adaptable, and cost-effective. Telestar customizes its services to meet the specific needs of its clients, ensuring a unique and compliant service.


Commitment to Quality

TeleStar ensures the recruitment of the best available employees, and its experienced in-house training team works tirelessly to improve the quality of services provided. The company adheres to global regulations in all its procedures and processes, maintaining high standards. TeleStar positions itself not just as a vendor but as a consultative partner, co-creating and co-strategizing with clients to develop globally scalable solutions that maximize brand experience, exposure, and revenue.

Commitment to Quality

Contact Center Expertise

Telestar has extensive experience in contact center management, providing a competitive edge to its clients. The company manages a high volume of tickets professionally and specializes in both inbound and outbound contact center services. The inbound contact center focuses on treating customers professionally and attentively, forming a strong link between companies and their customers. The outbound contact center initiates communication with prospective or existing customers, ensuring high-quality service. Telestar also provides managed office solutions, increasing team productivity and making workflow management easier for clients.

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The driving force behind our rapid success is our mindset. Telestar is focused solely on professionalism. In all areas, be it customer support, HR, recruitment or management. But, most importantly, professionalism by always staying true to our commitment to high quality and value.

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207 Đường 05, Lake View City, Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000

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