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Empower Your
Growth with Tailored Sales Development Teams

Extend your business with our 'plug n' play' deployment.

Our experienced teams specialize in lead generation and sales development. Discover how this seamless integration can drive remarkable growth for your business while saving you valuable time and money.

B2B LeadGen & Sales Dev

Welcome to TeleStar, your trusted partner in B2B lead generation and sales development.


At TeleStar, we understand the unique challenges that SaaS and software companies face in today's competitive landscape. That's why we offer a team of dedicated sales development representatives who are not only highly trained but also bring years of experience to the table.


Our sole focus is on helping SaaS and software companies from around the world supercharge their growth by identifying and nurturing high-quality leads. With TeleStar by your side, you can expect a tailored, data-driven approach that ensures your pipeline stays consistently filled with prospects who are ready to convert.


Join us in elevating your sales game and unlocking new horizons for your business.

Key Benefits

Opportunity Creation

Investing in Outbound is the fastest, most direct path to market. Qualified meetings are the goal of deploying. Handing off those meetings to sales team members then allows them to focus solely on calibration, negotiations, and closing deals.

Doing the Hard Work

Unlike other parts of the sales process, the monotonous work of finding and reaching out to new leads (and dealing with constant rejection) are the least enjoyable parts of the sales cycle for most salespeople. We live to prospect.

Winning formula

We adopted a personalized outreach approach and aim to turn each campaign into a repeatable formula which produces a growing number of sales qualified leads, full pipelines and quotas attained.

Focused on ROI

Creating a large number of sales qualified meetings does not guaranty success. We learn from your experience and feedback what converts best, and focus on generating leads that turn to sales.

How to Launch a Campaign?




First step of building your customized team is getting to know your business. An onboarding manager will be assigned to collect all the relevant information needed to launch the campaign. At this stage we also get to know which systems, programs and software will be used and build a roadmap for success. In case you have, any training materials will be useful and help shorten the learning curve.  

Why Us?

In these days of uncertainty, every company should consider ways to stay agile and rapidly adjust to changes. 

Partnering with Telestar offers the flexibility and scalability your business needs to grow. Experience high-quality of services while reducing your operational costs.


In our BPO service center we handle the recruiting, placement, training, monitoring and managing of the employees which will be dedicated to you, including all of the overheads.

You pay a fixed price per seat, that’s it! No long-term commitment, No setup cost, No surprises.


Our well trained, highly motivated and hard working team members are ready to become a positive force pushing for your company’ success.




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