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Tech Support - case examples

If you are not sure if our tech support service is relevant for your business, here are some case examples which we have facilitated in the past.

Tech Support Service case examples by Industry:

Internet Service Providers: Troubleshooting multi-device, wired/Wi-Fi connectivity

Retail & E-commerce: user support for on-site and cloud based applications and services

Telecom: assisting end users and B2B clients with platform agnostic, data connectivity

Triple Play Technologies: modems / phone tech support for home users

Media & Entertainment: NAS, Media Servers, multi-SSID modem users

Home automation: end users of video, security and internet services

Gaming Hardware: PC/Console/ VR player support

Games: Online/Mobile gaming communities (MMOS, eSports) tech support

Gaming-as-a-Service player support, direct game installations (override app/play store)


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